Automatic Scrap collecting Vehicle

The automatic scrap collecting vehicle is designed to remove glass scraps from the work station to the disposal area with the help of electronic sensors and a rail. The use of this automated vehicle system reduces human efforts and and the chances of hazard.

The automated scrap collecting vehicle system consists of :
1. A collecting work station
2. A rail module
3. A disposal station.

The collecting work station consists of the work room, two conveyors and a glass shattering machine. The big glass scraps from the work area is collected by a conveyor and is brought to a glass shattering machine to reduce its size. This shattered glass scraps are brought away from the machine to the to the rail module thorugh a conveyor for disposal.

The second phase consists of a rail module and a vehicle module, the rail module for guiding the vehicle. This is disposed between the collecting work station and the disposal station.

The glass scraps are disposed in the disposal area. The whole process is automated to minimize human efforts and to attain better productivity. Please refer the attached file for more details.


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