Gravity power generation Mechanism

The energy sources for man are drying up. The era of fossil fuels is going to end very soon. Scientists are now working on to find new renewable sources of energy. Along with renewable energy sources like light and wind comes gravity.

Gravity is a phenomenon that existed from the very beginning of the universe but only discovered by Sir Isaac Newton not more than 400 years ago. Recently scientists started generating energy from gravity.

The basic concept of a gravity power generating mechanism is simple. When a body goes down from a higher altitude to a lower one its potential energy is converted into kinetic energy via linear motion. This motion is converted circular motion and is then converted to electricity using a dynamo.

One challenge in this mechanism … Read the rest

Automatic Multi-level parking (AMLP)

What if you had a foot print area of 50X50 feet and you were supposed to park 200 cars in it?

After a while of using your grey cells, you would possibly stumble upon this idea called Multi-level car park (MLCP) . The idea of a structure designed particularly for Automobiles, having a number of floors or levels so as to facilitate parking.  Just the way people stack up houses to make flats! Putting one over the other so as to maximize the use of the available space.  In a MLCP you would have to seek a vacant parking slot and park your car exactly in the space provided and it might turn out to be an issue for amateur drivers! Moreover, retrieval of the car turns out to be … Read the rest

Scrap Collecting Robot

The intention of this mechanical engineering project is to fabricate a scrap collecting robot. Since complete automation is very complex and even research facilities haven’t come up with one, you better design one that is operated via a remote control which is either wireless or not.
This is a working project and as usual requires the help of electronics students for the control systems. This robot is 4 wheeled with an arm to collect scrap materials. It also can move over small obstacles with the support of the arm.
Though this project may sometimes look simple, it requires much effort to actually make one working model. A detailed video of one such scrap collecting robot is given below.

Ofcourse there are many other robot designs, but this one looked … Read the rest

Automatic Lawn-mower

This mechanical engineering project requires electronic controls and sensors. Better try this in collaboration with electronics students.

The concept of an automatic lawn-mower is simple. It is a machine to cut grass automatically without human assistance. Many variety of this machine is already available in the market which have complex electronics parts. They cost around $1000.

Below is a video of a home made automatic lawn mower with a much simpler electronic parts. For your project it is better to try something like this than going for a very complex mechanism.

The main parts of this machine are:
1. Two independent motors preferably servo, if not, try Wiper motors.
2. Sensors at sides and front and the associated control units.
3. A grass cutting mechanism with an independent drive motor.… Read the rest