Vapor Absorption Cooling System

What is a Vapor Absorption Cooling System?

A refrigeration cycle uses mechanical compressor to help circulate the refrigerant. But in a Vapor Absorption Cooling System the pressure difference needed to achieve flow of the refrigerant is created using a heat source. Here we can say the cooling is achieved with heat.

Given below is a picture of the typical refrigeration cycle:

compression cycle










Given below is the diagram of a vapor absorption cycle:

  Vapor Absorption Cooling System











What makes an vapor absorption cooling system attractive is that it needs zero to little work input since a heat source can be found without the expense of mechanical energy. For example a solar panel can be used as a … Read the rest

Seminar Topic on Four wheel steering system

Four wheel steering system

Four-wheel steering, 4WS, also called rear-wheel steering or all-wheel steering, provides a means to actively steer the rear wheels during turning maneuvers. It should not be confused with four-wheel drive in which all four wheels of a vehicle are powered. It improves handling and helps the vehicle make tighter turns. Production-built cars tend to understeer or, in few instances, oversteer. If a car could automatically compensate for an understeer /oversteer problem, the driver would enjoy nearly neutral steering under varying conditions. 4WS is a serious effort on the part of automotive design engineers to provide near-neutral steering.  The front wheels do most of the steering. Rear wheel turning is generally limited to half during an opposite direction turn. When both the front and rear wheels steer … Read the rest

Catalytic converter for cars

Millions of cars or the road means only one thing, an excellent source for air pollution. The amount of pollution that all cars produce together can create big problems. The amount of pollution that all cars produce together can cause big problems. Government created laws that restrict the amount of pollution that cars produce to solve it. Auto makers have made many improvements to car engines and fuel systems to keep up with these laws. In 1975, an interesting device called catalytic converter was created. The device, converts harmful pollutants into less harmful emissions before they ever leave the car’s exhaust system.

The exhaust from the combustion in a car engine is comprised of six main ingredients:

  1. Nitrogen gas, Carbon dioxide and water vapor are the three of the main
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Hybrid vehicles

The dictionary defines hybrid as something of mixed origin. A hybrid vehicle is one that combines a smaller than normal internal combustion gasoline engine with an electric motor. An engine that combines two or more sources of power is called a hybrid engine.

Typical features in a hybrid include the following:
• Produces much less power than an average
• Produces much less pollution than standard gasoline cars
• Usually constructed of ultra light weight materials like carbon fiber or aluminum to overcome the power gap.
• Generally designed to be more aerodynamic than most cars, allowing them to “slice” through the air instead of pushing it out of the way
• A process called regenerative braking is employed to store the kinetic energy generated by brake use in the … Read the rest