A Study On The Co-Production Of Wind And Wave Energy

The world is giving more and more importance on renewable energy like wind, sun light etc. but this is increasing the stress on power producers to flatten the peak loads since most of the renewable energy sources rarely produce consistent power output. Making consistent production of power from a renewable energy source is one of the greatest things that can be achieved in this field.


We are familiar with the generation of electricity from wind power. We also know about wave energy. What if we combine both and harvest the energy from both wind and waves? A study on this topic was done. As we know wind energy is obtained from wind and energy generation is possible with big wind mills if the flow of wind is consistent. the waves we see in ocean are also created by the same wind. So to know the benefits of a combined power production system we need to  analyse both sources of energy. In this project we examine the base load properties of wave power and wind power. The data for wave energy project was taken from ‘Islandsberg’ in Sweden and that for wind energy was taken from Jutland, Denmark.

What we learned from this project is that the waves generate more consistent power than wind. Further studies also show that even when the wind gets slow down the waves it created still continue. This shows a better consistency for the power produced by a combination of wind and wave energy.

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