Air Cars

We do it every day without thinking. Start the engine, drive around, fill up with fuel, pay a lot of money and pollute the atmosphere some more! But, it doesn’t have to be that way, many alternative sources of fuel are being developed.

Science fiction novelist Jules Verne had predicted that cars would one day run on air.  Guess what the future of fuel is? You guessed it right, its air!  Think about a car that runs on air. The air we breathe, the air that is for free. Imagine, it costs nothing to fill up your car with gas, and that gas also happens to be the same gas that fills our lungs with every breath!

The future of transportation will soon be whooshing down the road in the form of an unparalleled “green” earth- friendly technology that everyone will want to get their hands on as soon as they can: The Air Car. It is hard to believe that compressed air can be used to drive vehicles. However that is true and the “air car”, as it is popularly known, has caught the attention of researchers worldwide.

The topic air car can be made a project by making a demo model of the air car engine. The working of the engine can be better understood from the following videos.

How does the Air car work?

Actually all engines work with compressed air. Most engines suck it in, heat it up, it pressurizes and it pushes on a piston. In an air car we pressurize the air first, so when we apply it to the piston, the piston is pushed. The idea is as simple as that.

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