Auto tracking for solar panel to improve performance

The function of a tracking system for a solar panel is to track the position of the sun constantly so that the solar cells receive maximum solar energy and thereby making it fully functional.

This mechanical engineering project idea is about the fabrication of a solar panel auto tracking system. This comes under power and energy projects. The tracking system mostly consists of electronics parts. So the aim of the project sholud not be just about the fabrication of the tracking system but about energy efficianecy achieved by its implementation. It is better to get the advice of your guide on this topic.

The main parts of a solar tracking system are:
1. Solar panel
2. Servo motor or stepper motor (if difficult to find try using a wiper motor)
3. Electronic components and control units

The electronics components includes photo sensors of the shape ‘V’. It is a twin sensor with two halves to compare the intensity of the light falling on it. If the intensity of the light falling on the two halves are not the same, the stepper motor works in the direction of the sensor receiving low intensity to nullify it and align the solar panel in the sun’s direction.

This project includes a bit of programming and electronics works which can be outsourced since mechanical students are not expected to do them.

Note: Make the title of the project something related to energy and power rather than just ‘tracking system’

Reference URL: Fabrication of Solar Panel Auto tracking

Download Reference Material Here


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