Automatic Gate Opener

Automatic gates are nothing new today. Most supermarkets have automatic sliding gates which detect your presence using a sensor and open. In the case of air conditioned supermarkets these sliding gates are installed to reduce the amount of hot air coming from outside through the open doors, the sliding gates work more efficiently and also avoids the use of a human gate opener.

This project is not about making a sliding door like that of a supermarket but about automating an actual gate like that of your college or your home. There are different types of gate opening mechanisms. They are:

Gate operator:

These are mechanisms for opening and closing a gate. They can be opened automatically using sensors or manually using a switch. Gate operators are basically of two types; hydraulic operators and electro-mechanical operators.

Mechanical gate openers are mostly arm openers couples with an electric motor using a reduction gear box. These are further divided into sliding mechanisms, barrier operators and screw type swing gates. Both swinging and sliding gates can be operated using this mechanism. It is best suited for small gates and can operate at low voltages. Its low voltage functionality helps to connect the operator to a solar panel for its operation.

Hydraulic gate operator, as the name indicates, works on hydraulic systems. They are good at operating heavy gates and suitable for industrial uses.

As you know there is not one but many types of gates. Most common types of automated gates are:

Swing gates: These are the most common type we see. They swing inward or outward to open. They are best automated with a swing arm operator which can either be hydraulic based or electro mechanical. In bot the cases a swing arm is used to pull and push the gate for opening and closing.

Sliding gates: chain operated sliding gateThe most common examples are supermarket doors, though they are not exactly the correct examples. Have you ever visited a factory? Most industries use sliding gates because it saves lot of space.

These doors are usually very big and heavy so swing operation is not practical. The simplest way to automate a sliding gate is by attaching a chain across both ends of the gate passing it through the operator. When the operator function it moves the chain which in turn moves the gate.

Barrier gates: They are the ones you see at the entrance and exists of parking areas of shopping malls.

Overhead: Overhead gates open up vertically like garage doors. They are mostly used for commercial applications like underground parking lots.


The aim of this mechnical engineering project is to fabricate a working swing arm gate opener for automatically opening a swing gate.


  • Computer design of swing arm gate operator
  • Fabrication and demonstration or working.

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