9 Benefits of using a Toroidal Transformer

Toroidal transformers are the transformers that use toroids (ring-shaped cores). They are made using ferromagnetic materials such as ferrites, laminated iron, and iron powder. They are suitable for long-term solutions because of their high performance and high efficiency. The transformers are comparatively smaller than other magnetic transformers, which makes them an ideal choice when the power supply is lesser.

The high efficiency of the transformers results from the windings that are dispersed around the core evenly and create less mechanical hum. Their use is growing day by day as they release a very low magnetic field which is 85%-95% lesser than the other transformers. Currently, they are useful for a range of applications such as power supplies, inverters, and amplifiers.

If you are interested to know more about toroidal transformers, here are 9 benefits that justify why you must choose them for various applications.

More Efficient

Toroidal transformers are highly efficient (around 90-95%), whereas other transformers have an efficiency rate of less than 90%. At Cosmo, we produce ferrite cores which are different from laminated iron or steel cores.  

Small- Sized and Lightweight

Toroidal transformers are quite smaller and are half the weight of other magnetic transformers. This is because they have a uniform cross-section and are made using a very less quantity of material. Also, their windings are allocated properly over the entire area of the core so the length of the wire used in them is quite short. Their small size and lightweight make them an ideal choice for small electrical products with a lesser area.

Increase in Energy Savings

Energy production creates an environmental effect that contributes to an increase in energy prices. By using toroidal transformers in place of standard magnetic transformers, we can minimize the energy consumption resulting in significant energy savings and low costing. 

Quick and Easy Mounting

We can mount toroidal transformers easily. This helps to minimize the assembly time, the number of equipment required during the manufacturing of the cores, and the time spent for maintenance. Other magnetic transformers need four screws to be mounted. We can use a variety of methods for mounting these transformers; these include PCB Mounting, pressure-less mounting plates, resin center potting, and more.

Low Stray Magnetic Field

Toroidal transformers have a low magnetic field because of the uniform cross-section and no gap as it is used as a single piece E core and another shape. They ensure lesser magnetic interference which results in higher performance by the transformers while producing low noise.


In terms of flexibility, toroidal transformers are better than traditional magnetic core transformers. Their cross-section is constant, so we can adjust their height and diameter to suit the application. This makes them useful for a variety of applications while other transformers don’t match up. 

Less Space

With toroidal transformers, you can save up to 64% more space as compared to other magnetic transformers. So, you must buy high-quality toroidal transformers to save the spacing. 

Low Noise

The core is covered with uniform windings around it which leaves no space for air gaps or loose sheets. Due to this, there’s no vibration or humming sound in Toroidal transformers, which otherwise is a big drawback in traditional transformers. This is why toroidal transformers are generally used in places where low noise is preferred, such as medical facilities.

Cost Saving

With toroidal transformers, there’s a benefit of long-term cost saving as they increase electrical efficiency. This results in significant savings in the pricing.   

Coating of Toroid Cores:

Coating of the toroid cores is done to enhance the dielectric resistance, reduce irregular surfaces and provide a smooth winding surface. Among the choices of coatings are nylon, epoxy paint and parylene. The epoxy paints typically need a minimum coating thickness of .005” to ensure uniform protection. One advantage of this coatings is that the color can be varied for core material identification without stamping. Breakdown voltages are between 500 to 1000 volts per .003” of coating.

Characteristics of Toroidal Ferrite Cores:

  1. Application: Wideband and pulse transformers, and common mode chokes
  2. Excellent magnetic shielding
  3. Low cost of core
  4. High winding and assembly cost
  5. Good heat dissipation
  6. Uniform cross section


The above reasons clearly define why toroidal core transformers should be preferred over other standard transformers. Their high efficiency makes them ideal for several applications like security systems, audio/visual equipment, power distribution equipment, security systems, and more.

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