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Classroom Blackboard Erasing Mechanism

Sounds silly, doesn’t it. The purpose of this mechanism may sound so but the way it works make it interesting. This may not appeal good for a final year mechanical project but the effort required for this project may be far more than many other projects listed in my site. It is always about how […]

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Automatic Lawn-mower

This mechanical engineering project requires electronic controls and sensors. Better try this in collaboration with electronics students. The concept of an automatic lawn-mower is simple. It is a machine to cut grass automatically without human assistance. Many variety of this machine is already available in the market which have complex electronics parts. They cost around […]

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Auto tracking for solar panel to improve performance

The function of a tracking system for a solar panel is to track the position of the sun constantly so that the solar cells receive maximum solar energy and thereby making it fully functional. This mechanical engineering project idea is about the fabrication of a solar panel auto tracking system. This comes under power and […]

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Automatic Rain Operated Wiper

This Mechanical engineering project requires the help of electronic components for working. The design of automated rain operated wiper is based on an electronically controlled motor whose controls are actuated by the presence of water droplets. The required components for this project are: 1. A conduction sensor circuit 2. Control unit 3. A wiper motor […]

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