Computer Controlled Mini Vehicle

The aim of this project is to develop a model of a computer controlled vehicle. The vehicle is designed to move in a pre-defined path. This is done by processing the data sent from the vehicle regarding its environment using a program developed using Turbo C. The processed data is then sent back to the vehicle which helps it move in the pre-defined path.

1. Military applications.
2. Fire fighting systems.
3. Industrial applications like material transportation from one station to another etc.

The test model is a small vehicle powered by a 6 Volt motor, which is completely computer controlled. The details of the vehicle’s environment is obtained through Micro-Switch sensors attached to the body of the vehicle at different locations. In the test the data collected is sent through a serial cable which in further development can be replaced by wireless receivers. After data processing, suitable commands are sent from the PC to the vehicle which controls it.


Source: Department of Applied Physics & Electronics, Rajshahi University, Bangladesh


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