Computer Controlled Mini Vehicle

The aim of this project is to develop a model of a computer controlled vehicle. The vehicle is designed to move in a pre-defined path. This is done by processing the data sent from the vehicle regarding its environment using a program developed using Turbo C. The processed data is then sent back to the vehicle which helps it move in the pre-defined path.

1. Military applications.
2. Fire fighting systems.
3. Industrial applications like material transportation from one station to another etc.

The test model is a small vehicle powered by a 6 Volt motor, which is completely computer controlled. The details of the vehicle’s environment is obtained through Micro-Switch sensors attached to the body of the vehicle at different locations. In the test the data collected is sent through a serial cable which in further development can be replaced by wireless receivers. After data processing, suitable commands are sent from the PC to the vehicle which controls it.


Source: Department of Applied Physics & Electronics, Rajshahi University, Bangladesh

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hello sir,
this project is very interesting .i would like to know the making of this model and wht will be the cost

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i need the component details and cost … further modification & sensor used and how it can be controlled by the computer… what is the principle & procees beyond this project

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Hi, Can i get the full details and parts list for this project and estimated cost of the project.
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hello sir,
this project is very interesting .i would like to know the making of this model and wht will be the cost

sir, please provide me the complete information abt the topic also the difference between robotic technology and computer controlled mini vehicle

This is an very interesting project,I would like to know how to make this and its price details.plz…

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