Fabrication of Solar Car

Solar Car Design-How to Build a Solar Car

The title of the project may be misleading, because it not going to be easy building a full sized solar car. It is not only difficult but also very costly. So it is better to do this as a project which includes lots of study and then a demonstration of how the solar energy can be converted and stored in batteries and then how it can be used to run the vehicle. May be with the staffs permission you may be able to use your college’s water heater solar panel if there is any. The design part of the project includes lots of calculations on how much energy can be stored, how fast the energy can be stored, how maximum efficiency can be achieved etc.

The solar powering system of the car consists of:
1. Solar Array which collects solar energy and convert it to electrical energy
2. Power trackers to achieve the proper voltage to be stored in batteries.
3. batteries to stire power.
4. Motor controller which adjusts the power input to the motor.
5. An electric motor which drives the vehicle.

solar powered car diagram

For more details refer: Solar Powered Vehicle


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