Fire Fighting Robot

A robot system for fire fighting in tunnels

Different kinds of accidents are possible in a tunnel but, accidents involving fire are the most dangerous of all. If it is not possible to extinguish the fire in minutes, it would be so hot that human life will be at risk. But, one of the biggest fears among emergency personnel who should respond to tunnel fires is the possibility of finding hazardous material fueling fire! That was exactly what happened on the 13th of May,1949 which resulted in the Holland tunnel fire. When something as grave as that happens, there is threat to life not only because of the rampaging fire but also because of the toxic materials. In such a situation it is best to leave the job to robots! A device that can detect and extinguish fire on its own.

fire fighting robot

Protection of life and reduction of property loss is what everyone has in mind when it comes to fire fighting.  But, how does one achieve this in practice? To make this possible we should first ask ourselves 2 simple questions:

Question 1) What are the factors affecting tunnel fire size and spread?

Question 2) What is the best tunnel fire suppression system?

Answers, to those questions would give you an idea of how to tackle the fire effectively.


1)       The Handbook of Tunnel Fire Safety by Alan Beard and Richard Carvel

2)      International Tunnel Fire-Safety Design Practices


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