Gutter Cleaning Robot

Gutter cleaning robot is an interesting topic I came across yesterday. Funnily gutter cleaning is a first world problem, as we Indians do not have such roof construction methods here. The only gutters we know are on road, just to clarify for us here, this is what a ‘gutter’ that we talk about in this project looks like;


As you can imagine cleaning this mess is not easy, and ofcourse is boring. Inorder to make this boring project amusing a US based company iRobots created a robot that clean the debris in a gutter. It is a remote controlled, continuous track fun gadget that can actually help people avoid the hazzle of gutter cleaning.


The reason I am mentioning the above is that this is actually a popular product though the concept seems funny to many of us, including those who evaluate your project. So don’t forget to project this as a project with real world application or else you are gonna lose many marks.

Below is a video showing the working of this robot ‘iRobot looj 330 gutter cleaning robot’

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