Home Made Walking Machine

Ever heard of Theo Jansen? He is a Dutch artist famous for his Strandbeest, walking machines that are powered by wind. You should watch some of his creations, they are an ample source of inspiration for mechanical engineers, I often wonder why I didn’t even think of those.

Robots are nothing new for us. Scientists are working for years on making humanoid robots and are successful to a great extent. But how many of us have thought of four legged animal robots? Those people at Boston Dynamics did, and they make amazing robots now for the US military.

If you need a reason to make such a walking machine for your mechanical engineering project just check Theo Jansen or Boston Dynamics on youtube and watch a couple of their videos, you will be itching to make one like those.

But how do you make such a walking machine? The robots made by robotic companies are too hitech and are more dependent on their electronic sensors and programs than on mechanical components. For a mechanical engineering student a hitech robot is not viable.

But what if I say we can make a walking robot without using any sensors or programs, one that can be powered by a drilling machine? impossible? Check the video below.

The design of the legs are inspired from Theo Jensen’s works. The machine here is entirely made of wood. But we are lesser carpenters and so it is probably not a good idea to use wood, let’s stick to metal. We can use the same mechanism but use MS flats instead. Do try not to simplify the cow leg shape of the mechanism, put your machining skills into use, I know from my practical experiences that scoring marks for a final year project is not just about the machine’s working but also its looks.

Using MS flats will definitely increase the weight of the leg mechanism and you may need more power to drive the machine. If the power from the drill is not enough do use a low power motor instead.


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