Human Powered Helicopter

As the title suggests ‘Human Powered Helicopter’ is truly an interesting project. Man wanted to fly since the beginning of his history. People like da Vinci created designs of flying machines and dreamed of flying one day.

Human powered helicopter is not a new concept, this was created and flown successfully multiple times. As the name suggests the helicopter flies entirely by human power ie, mostly pedalling. (sorry to disappoint those who thought of Matrix movie like human cell power generation!)

If you are thinking this is  simple to create you may wrong. It takes a lot of engineering to get the right power to weight ratio to make this human powered helicopter flying.


  • Get the right power-weight ratio
  • Get the best rotor efficiency

The maximum height ever reached by a human powered helicopter is 3.3 meters and the maximum time it flew  (better say hovered) is 64 seconds, think of this jumping right into the project and take the hurdles seriously.

human powered helicopter


Checkout their video below:

 Download project report

If you check the video you will find that its structure is entirely made of light materials and has a minimal design. They also use large light weight rotors which rotates at a very slow speed compared to the pedalling speed. This is done to make sure that the four rotors will rotate with the power given by a single man. The use of a reduction mechanism reduces the effort on the legs on the man and helps to power all the rotors simultaneously.



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