Integration of Automatic Transmission for AutoRickshaw

Auto-rickshaws are very popular in Indian, everyone know that they have manual transmissions with 4 forward gears and 1 reverse. Have you ever thought how convenient it would be for the driver if it had automatic transmission? especially when a passenger too occupies the driver seat, a common scene in most cities.

Now if you think why not anyone has thought of this wonderful idea before you may be wrong. It is entirely possible that companies have thought of it and discarded the idea, may be for the following reasons;

  • Automatic transmission costs more – So it is not practical to increase the cost of auto rickshaws which are to be owned by poor people.
  • Has lower mileage than manual transmission  because of low efficiency of automatic transmission system.
  • Have higher maintenance costs

If you think of the auto-mobile industry a few years back you will find that most car models didn’t have automatic transmissions but now more and more models are coming with AT. This is because the above three disadvantages are getting fixed, the same can happen for auto rickshaws. So this would definitely be a good time to do a project on automatic transmission for auto rickshaws.

This mechanical engineering project is about integrating an automatic transmission to an auto rickshaw replacing manual transmission gear box.

auto rikshaw automatic transmission

Manual transmissions are operated with the help of a clutch box, a gear knob and meshing of different sets of gear boxes. But an automatic transmission works with the help of planetary gears.

The working of automatic transmission for the project is the same as that in a gearless scooter. But here while integrating this transmission with an auto-rickshaw the size of the transmission equipment is different from that of scooter. So you will need to machine transmission elements.

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