Manually Operated Paper Recycling Machine-Design

The aim of this project is to design and construct a manually operated paper recycling machine.

As paper is one of the most used material in the world, the waste produced during its production, usage as well as disposal are very high. Since paper is made of natural materials its decomposition is easy. But if properly recycled, the material can be converted into useful products. As we know, the main raw material for the production of paper is wood and plants. The destruction of forests for obtaining these raw materials will result in an ecological unbalance. If paper can be recycled to be used again, such mass destruction of the environment can be prevented.

The paper recycling machine consists of 6 main units such as:
1. The disc Refiner
2. The Hydropupler
3. The headbox
4. The Felt Conveyor
5. The driers
6. The Rollers.



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Advantages of using a manually operated paper recycling machine instead of a motor operated one:

  1. Low cost of operation
  2. Low cost for development
  3. Can be kept in a fixed position or moved easily according to requirements. Since it doesn’t have any electrical motor or other electrical parts it is easy to transport.
  4. Suitable for small industries
  5. Simple operation
  6. Easy maintenance



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