Hyperloop is the latest hot fascination of the PayPal, Tesla, Space-X founder Elon Musk. The concept of hyper loop revolves around transportation at ultra high speeds through near vacuum tubes or tunnels. But the idea is  nothing new, transportation through near vacuum tubes were proposed in the 18th century and one was even patented in 1799 […]

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Portable Incinerator

Waste disposal is a huge problem around the world. With more and more urbanization the government is finding it difficult to properly dispose wastes, both industrial and household. While household wastes can be composted in rural areas that is not option for the urban community. Most homes depend on municipal/city garbage collectors, and all these […]

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Make A Flying Saucer Using Coanda Effect

Everybody is interested in rumors. Rumors are interesting especially if there is some bit of truth in it. I was always fancied by UFO sightings. Hundreds of sightings are reported each year across the world. Theoretically in this broad, never ending universe aliens should exist, that gives some strength to our hope of seeing a […]

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