Over speed indicator and Accident Avoidance systems in a four wheeler

Except for the Autobahn in Germany, almost all roads have specific speed limits. And it is difficult for the driver to always look out for speed limits signs and adjust his speed accordingly. Over speed indicator is a device that tells the driver if he is exceeding the particular speed limit. With the over speed indicator in your car you can be sure that you are not going get yourself booked for over speeding. The system has a computer which stores the speed limits of different areas. The GPS in the system feeds the exact location of the car to the computer which looks up in its database to determine the permissible speed for the area and limits the car within the allowable speed.

Accident Avoidance systems in a four wheeler is a cocktail of several technological marvels.

1. Emergency Brake Assist (EBA)

In an emergency, many people do not depress the brake pedal hard enough. EBA senses an emergency braking situation and helps the driver to reduce speed in the shortest distance possible.

Emergency Brake Assist

2.  Dynamic Stability and traction Control (DSTC)

DSTC makes driving on twisty and slippery road conditions safer, by using sensors to detect whether any of the wheels is losing traction. DSTC has the ability to cut power in a flash, helping the car to regain its grip. If in any case the car shows a tendency to skid the system automatically slows the particular wheels to help maintain control.

Dynamic Stability and traction Control

3. Electronic Brake Distribution (EBD)

EBD makes sure that the braking forces of the car are distributed between the front and the rear brakes in order to optimize braking efficiency.

Electronic Brake Distribution

4.  Anti-Lock braking system (ABS)

With ABS you can brake as hard as you can and steer yourself to safety without the fear of wheels locking up and skidding.

Anti-Lock braking system (ABS)

5. Blind Spot information system (BSIS)

Using cameras set just below the outer rear view mirrors the BSDS tell you if there is any vehicle in your blind spot.

Blind Spot information system

6. Night Vision

Driving during the night becomes safe than ever with the night vision where one can see clearly on the control display even in pitch black. Thanks to infra red technology.

Night Vision for cars


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