Remote controlled material handling robotic crane for Bomb squads

It might be just a box of tools or a suitcase someone lost, either way suspicious unattended packages are reason enough to clear Airports, Shopping malls or the whole neighborhood. But while most humans are evacuated from the potential blast zone, one team is doing just the opposite. They are coming in for a closer look! And yes, you guessed it.  It is the Bomb squad. But the men in the bomb squad dare not get too close! In the past, they would have been forced to risk their lives inching ever closer to a device that could detonate at any moment.  But now, they need not put their life at stake. It is time to change working the dangerous way. That is, by hand!

All thanks, to a brave machine; the “Bomb disposal robot” (BDR).  By making use of this remote controlled unmanned robot, the lives of the bomb squad crew safe. Working up to half a mile ahead of the man juggling the joystick on the operator control unit, the BDR is busy trying to diffuse the bomb in the best way possible. The Robots first job is to get up and personal to the site, no matter the terrain. Once it has reached the objective, built in cameras help the crew get a heads up on what is considered potentially dangerous and initiate steps to handle the situation. The brain of the robot is the control unit. That is where the bomb squad operates from. The arms, cameras, mobility, everything is controlled by an operator.

The Robot consists of the following components:

Remote controlled material handling robotic crane for Bomb squads

Reference: National Robotics Engineering Center


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