Renewable Green Energy Projects

Welcome to the world of green energy. We live in a time where fossil fuels are getting depleted and at the same time in an era where renewable energy sources remain untapped. This is the best time for change, and many research institutions have found the opportunity in developing green energy sources to power the world. The fossil fuels like petrol and diesel will not be for ever. There will be a time when they are rare and luxury. To survive such an energy crisis and meet the increasing demands of energy day by day the renewable energy sources we have should be developed to use. There are hundreds of research institutes designing and developing machinery to derive power and energy from renewable power sources like wind, sun, gravity, water etc.

The scope of doing a project in green energy is beyond your final year project presentation. If you execute a renewable energy project well there is a good chance that you can apply to a research institute in energy. This is a great opportunity for a mechanical engineer, especially when considering the lack of mechanical engineering jobs compared to the supply. Also since these technologies are not in advanced stages yet there is a good chance that you will hold a big position in any company in renewable energy and power in the coming years.

So make sure you make good use of the reference materials shared here.


List of Green Energy Mechanical Engineering Projects


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