Rope Chainsaw and Easy Lift Harness

Don’t mistake the title, Rope chainsaw and easy lift harness are two different project ideas. I came across these when looking for a project idea to help people with disabilities. My last post was about Freedom Wheelchair, so I thought why not add some more ideas which can improve the life of disabled people!

Rope Chainsaw

It is basically a chainsaw which is operated via a rope, and is operated manually. While I don’t know how far this can help people with arthritis or paralysis the idea looked quite new to me. Below is an image of the rope chainsaw, which I took from its manufacturer’s website.

rope chainsaw

As you can see the saw is actually a chain (like a cycle chain) with carbon steel blades (they are sharp and stay sharp for a long time). Both the sides of the chain are attached to polypropylene ropes. To cut a branch you have to throw it over the branch and work it to and fro. It also has a throw bag which makes it easier to get the chainsaw over a branch. As you can see this can be a tiresome job (good exercise though) but it works well on softwoods and small branches.

Easy Lift Harness

Unlike the rope chainsaw tool I think the easy lift harness is a pretty useful tool for people with disabilities. Check the picture below;

easy list harness
Source –

The idea is a simple one but did you think you could do this? No-one before 1870s had the notion of making a paper clip but the idea was simple. This easy lift harness tool is very useful for people who have difficulty keeping their arms up for works like trimming trees and bushes. Here the weight of whatever you are carrying is passed to the backpack frame reducing strain from your hands and shoulders. The manufacture claims that sometimes 100% of the strain can be removed.

While both the above ideas won’t make any stunning projects these can be used as min projects or for tech fests. No doubt these ideas can be quite new to majority of people. This will also give you a shot at testing your entrepreneurship skills as these tools can cater the needs of a market segment which is still untapped in India.

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