Side Stand Retrieving System For Two Wheelers

Everyday we see many two wheeler drivers riding keeping their side stands on. Forgetting to lift the side stands play a major role in bike accidents that we hear everyday. Why can’t we build a side stand retrieve system and save lives?

High end motor bikes already come with automatic stand retrieving systems, only the common man’s two wheelers don’t have them. And the reason is high cost. So the alternate would be a low cost side stand retrieving system. This is where SPROCKET SIDE-STAND RETRIEVE SYSTEM comes to play. This retrieving system works based on the working of the two wheelers ie, their power transfer. We know that for a two wheelers the power is transferred from the engine to the back tyre via a chain -sprocket arrangement. Without this arrangement a bike won’t work and this arrangement is not needed when the bike is idle ie, standstill.



A sprocket side stand retrieve system involves the following parts:

  1. Axle
  2. Sprocket pinion
  3. Lifting lever
  4. pushing lever


When two-wheeler is in resting condition i.e.when rider actuates the  side stand of the vehicle to ground, the pushing lever that is pivoted at the centre of the side stand gets engage with the inciter assemblies lifting lever. During this condition the inciter assembly is at rest.

When two-wheeler is started, Engine’s pinion transmits power to the rear wheel by the chain drive. The inciter assembly which is kept at the center of the chain drive gets rotates as the sprocket gets engage with chain drive. so, when the sprocket rotates the lifting lever mounted with axle rotates. hence the lifting lever lifts engaged the pushing lever and therefore the pushing lever pushes the side stand by clamping it with the C shaped clamp stand holder and hence the spring tensed in the side stand get compressed quickly as a result side stand get retrieves.

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