Study of Steam Turbine Back Pressure Type Mechanical Seminar Report

In generation of power turbine has a very important role. In thermal power electricity is generated by producing steam on burning coal and to manage steam we use steam turbines in thermal plants. A steam turbine is nothing but a heat engine in which by expanding the steam through nozzle steam energy is converted to kinetic energy. By impinging resultant kinetic energy on rings of moving blades mounted on rotor which is a rotating element, KE is converted into force. Moving blades deflect the jets of steam.

 Steam turbines may use in power plant, in process industries and for transport. Steam turbine can be defined as a mechanical device which converts thermal energy of pressurized hot steam to useful mechanical work. During expansion of steam, steam undergoes multiple stages so the steam turbine takes much of its thermodynamic efficiency. Steam turbine contains fixed and moving blades which substantially designed so that they can withstand the applied steam pressure.Steam turbines found wide use in marine applications like for vessel propulsion systems. For aerospace applications in the field of power generation gas turbines are using instead of steam turbines.

     In this paper we are going to describe the types of turbines are high-pressure (HP), low-pressure (LP) and astern turbines and their uses, advantages.The configuration of these different steam turbines is different even though several components in these turbines are common.

Heat from the steam is extracted by the steam turbines and by expanding it from high to low pressure, steam turbine transform it into rotational energy resulting in mechanical work.Small and medium steam turbines have wide range of applications in power generation and also as drivers for mechanical services. When these coupled with gear scan be used to drive fans and reciprocating compressors. Steam turbine finds many advantages than steam engine is discussed.

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