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Seminar Topic on Four wheel steering system

Four wheel steering system Four-wheel steering, 4WS, also called rear-wheel steering or all-wheel steering, provides a means to actively steer the rear wheels during turning maneuvers. It should not be confused with four-wheel drive in which all four wheels of a vehicle are powered. It improves handling and helps the vehicle make tighter turns. Production-built […]

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Hydrogen (water) Powered vehicle

Not a Gimmick! Finally the science of Hydrogen automotive power has been made a reality! Technically a device that converts the energy stored in hydrogen into motion can be called a Hydrogen engine. Hydrogen would make a great fuel for the environment since burning Hydrogen produces nothing but water! Hydrogen Powered car essentially consists of […]

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Automatic Rain Operated Wiper

This Mechanical engineering project requires the help of electronic components for working. The design of automated rain operated wiper is based on an electronically controlled motor whose controls are actuated by the presence of water droplets. The required components for this project are: 1. A conduction sensor circuit 2. Control unit 3. A wiper motor […]

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