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Electrical Power Generation System Using Railway Track

The system includes a power source, such as a power generation device or an external powersource. The power co-generation system includes first and second electrical capacitance portions that are electrically coupled to the power source and that are configured to carry positive and negative charges, respectively. The power co-generation system further includes a biasing device […]

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Remote controlled material handling equipment (RCMHE)

Prior to the introduction of the so called “Material handling equipment” humans had to perform physical labor to carry out heavy duty tasks. This could be made possible by employing a huge number of workers. However, when the goods came in bulk unloading and loading turned out to be a very time consuming affair. The […]

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Remote controlled material handling robotic crane for Bomb squads

It might be just a box of tools or a suitcase someone lost, either way suspicious unattended packages are reason enough to clear Airports, Shopping malls or the whole neighborhood. But while most humans are evacuated from the potential blast zone, one team is doing just the opposite. They are coming in for a closer […]

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Automatic Lawn-mower

This mechanical engineering project requires electronic controls and sensors. Better try this in collaboration with electronics students. The concept of an automatic lawn-mower is simple. It is a machine to cut grass automatically without human assistance. Many variety of this machine is already available in the market which have complex electronics parts. They cost around […]

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